Los Angles where I grew up in is very diverse with culture which is similar to Sharjah. Los Angeles has many immigrants from different places in Mexico, and North and South America which creates a melting pot of different cultures and customs. There are tons of different foods to try. On one block you can find pupusas from El Salvador, on another corner, you can find street Mexican tacos and down the street, you can find Asian food. For me this place is safe and it encapsulates me.  These things help build character and make me appreciate culture more. Yes lots of people immigrate to LA but there is also lots of tourism which helps bring in more people from the globe. People from all over Europe and Asia  etc come visit LA. This brings more culture to us. Sharjah to me seems similar. In my group there was one  exchange student from the States with background in Uzbekistan and she is studying in Sharjah which is very culturally different. The other person in my group was born in UAE but has Pakistani background. To me this shows that Sharjah is very open and accepting of different people and cultures. There is so much diversity that it feels relatable to talk to them. Sharjah seems very similar to LA.  Sharjah and LA have similar environments overall. Both are big, vibrant and lively cities with big skyscrapers.