Videos on Homeric Dialect and Scansion

Videos on Homeric Dialect and Scansion

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A few years ago I made some videos using the Showme app about the Homeric dialect and Homeric metrics. They are somewhat buried on the Showme site, so here are the two series, first on dialect, second on metrics:

Homeric Dialect 1 augments and endings: 

Homeric Dialect 2 the article:

Homeric Dialect 3 verbs:

Reading Homer 1 Long and Short:

Reading Homer 2 Quantity Exceptions:

Reading Homer 3 Dactylic Hexameter: 

I think I made a fourth installment for the grammar series about particles, but I cannot find that on the Showme site. Hope you find these useful!

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Loulouda Kourtidou

January 11, 2018 at 10:28 am

Happy New Year! Thank you very much for your uploads- it’s a nice thought to help others with Homeric dialect and scansion. Thank you very much


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