Lava ice snow experiments at Syracuse

Update on Lava-Ice experiments:

Starting to see lots of internet coverage of the Lava-Ice experiments I have been doing with Jeff Karson and Bob Wysocki at Syracuse University, including pictures in German ( and Malaysian ( news sites. We should also have a short blurb being broadcast on the Canada Discovery Channel sometime in September…Jeff and Bob wrote an article for the magazine Earth (, which has recently been published…HOWEVER I would STRONGLY recommend AGAINST trying the do-it-yourself lava in the microwave. That is very dangerous and hopefully AGI will remove that suggestion from the website before someone gets seriously injured…

We have a short manuscript written already, and we are in the process of reformatting  journal submission. I’ll try to keep the blog updated on the progress of the manuscript and any other news coverage it gets over next week or two. See more pictures from the experiments below…



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  • So what have you learned?

    • We have learned that lava-ice interactions produce distinctive textures, and that we cannot assume that gas cavities in lava flows can be made from ‘external’ water that is vaporized and incorporated into the flow. Also we’ve learned that if lava is erupted onto ash-covered snow and ice, melting is much slower and the distinctive textures might not develop in the lava.

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