Lesson Plan for Interdependence

Complete these 3 steps before the workshop on Interdependence: 

  1. Submit a 60-90 sec video addressing these simple questions:
    If you are struggling to identify a global or local challenge, we suggest exploring the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.
    Please, upload it to YouTube and share the link with us at least 3 days before the meeting. 

    • What is a challenge, global or local, that you are passionate about?
    • Why do you care about this? How have you seen this play out in your own life?
  1. Watch videos by others in the same cohort before this meeting 
  2. Spend 12-15 minutes researching the meaning of INTERDEPENDENCE online. They will report back in class during the meeting. 


  1. Idea #1: GATHERING (NEW) IDEAS (15 mins) – 1 group (about 15 students) or divided into 2 groups (6-7 students each) 
    • We will freely share ideas about videos by studentand instructors (see above) 
    • We will note main ideas on a doc while screensharing
  2. Idea #2: INTERDEPENDENCE (25 mins) – 4 breakout rooms for 10-12 mins (instructors will join rooms to monitor students’ work)
    • Students will share findings from researching the meaning of INTERDEPENDENCE 
    • Each room/group will identify one shared definition of this conceptBack to main room as 1 group for 10-15 mins:
    • Each room/group will share their definition with the class, and we will discuss them
    • Instructors will present the concept of INTERDEPENDENCE and how to apply it (the last 5-7 mins) drawing from the TOOLKIT
  3. Idea #3: FOOD INSECURITY (15 mins) – 1 group 
    • Student will watch this video (3:28 mins)
    • The video will allow us to “loosely” introduce the topic of food insecurity by focusing on interdependence and food production.
    • Students will answer the final question in the video “On what do you depend?” and will think about food and their accessibility to it. 
    • Students will take a couple of minutes to think and will write their answers in the chat 


Reflection questions for post-workshop assignments. Please, complete before WOrkshop #2 (15 mins, ASYNCHRONOUS WORK)

    • The idea of interdependence calls attention to how our choices (actions or inactions) affect others and ourselves.
      What are some of the choices you make every day that affect others?
    • Do you see yourself as a ”product of interdependence”? 

Write up your reflections (250-300 words), give it a title and post it on the blog: HERE