With the suspension of regular study abroad programs in Spring 2021, Dickinson offered students the opportunity to participate in a global learning, cohort experience. Students will take a globally integrated course connected to a Dickinson program abroad, participate in globally themed workshops throughout the semester and, COVID-19 conditions permitting, travel to the Dickinson program site linked to their globally integrated course.

GIS Students will: 

  • Take three courses as usual
  • Take 1 globally integrated course connected to a program site abroad
      • About the courses: Courses will be taught by Carlisle-based faculty, global center-based faculty or be team taught by faculty in Carlisle and abroad.
  • Participate in four globally themed workshops throughout the semester exploring our interdependence & local-global connections and weaving together skills and concepts in global & intercultural learning, sustainability, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity and civic learning & action. 
  • COVID-19 conditions permitting, travel abroad for 3 weeks to complete their globally integrated course sequence after the end of the spring semester.


Students must participate in a globally themed, 4-part virtual workshop series throughout the semester co-facilitated with faculty and staff in the Center for Global Study and Engagement (on-campus and abroad), the Center for Sustainability Education, the Center for Civic Learning and Action and the Office of Equity and Inclusivity.

These four 1-hour workshops will be held in March and April of the spring semester. Each workshop will have an hour of synchronous content as well as approximately 30 minutes of asynchronous pre/post work. These workshops are an integral part of the global experience this semester and will continue even if the travel component is canceled. They should also be FUN!

Watch this intro video to learn more about what to expect during these workshops.

By participating in these workshops, students will::

  • Explore interdependence using three lenses of sustainability; diversity, equity and inclusion; and civic engagement in a global context. 
  • Reflect on a global issue by examining two localities, one local (Carlisle) and one outside the USA (GIS destination). 
  • Articulate shifting perspectives through the application of connecting a global issue using sustainability, diversity/equity/inclusion and civic engagement as lens.