Civil Action

An issue that I am concerned about is pollution, especially garbage from restaurants, schools, universities/ colleges, sporting events/ stadiums, etc. Not only on land is pollution a problem but within our oceans all over the world. Oceans are being flooded with plastics and chemicals running […]

Civic Action

An issue I am concerned about is water security. Water security is an issue throughout the world, especially in rural areas of Central and South America, but Mendoza, Argentina is especially vulnerable and they have been having a water crisis for over eleven years. Due […]

Civic Action

An issue I an particularly focused on is that of fast fashion and, specifically, the unethical and unsustainable ways in which clothing is mass-produced to fit current trends and fads and not made to last for very long. This is a wide-branching issue, as not […]

Civic Action

An issue that is prevalent is the pollution of the Oceans. All over the world, people continue to pollute the ocean not only by littering but also by fishing. Overfishing is negatively affecting the ocean greatly and introduces harmful plastics and destroys ecosystems by removing […]


After attending last week’s workshop on sustainability, I now have a better understanding of what sustainability really means. I thought that sustainability was just protecting future generations and protecting the environment in green and ethical ways for all. But after some thought, sustainability refers to […]