Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

If I had to migrate to another country, I would probably migrate to another English-speaking country such as Canada (the UK would have been on my list, but current events have me wondering somewhat) or Australia, but if neither of those were for some reason viable I may find Spain a possibility. My goal would be to find a city with a low-to-mid cost of living with the opportunity for sustainable part-time work until I could find a stable full-time position working with a skill I am proficient in (an example that comes to mind is as Spanish-English translation; I know contract translation work to be available through agencies in Europe, but I don’t know about the other countries I have mentioned).

Given my target identities of being white, college-educated, American, and English-speaking, there are many opportunities that would be made available to me; white privilege is present at all times, and my native English ability paired with training from my college education and my lack of a regional accent (past that of American) means I am less likely to have negative intellectual or political stereotypes applied to me.

My agent identities of being female, LGBTQ+, and disabled could make some things more difficult. Being a woman and partnerless means that my safety in public is somewhat volatile, plus with the cost of living I would likely need to social network very quickly to find roommates with whom to share the rent. With my disability, this adds another layer: my kitchen needs to be safe for me to use, therefore my roommates need to eat in the same way I do, and an additional concern would be job security that gives me enough money to afford the kind of food I need to eat. While I can manage to pass socially within my LGBTQ+ identity, if I were to enter a relationship during my time in this new environment my social safety could be at risk depending on the social climate of the city (of the country) I am in.

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