DEI Reflection – Patrick Noonan

If I had to immigrate to another country, I would likely go to Canada (either Vancouver or Toronto) because it would be the easiest place personally. While being an american there I would likely be looked down upon, there would be little culture shock and, most important to me, there would be no language barrier. I definitely chose Vancouver and Toronto and not some place like Montreal because both of them are near the border, are big cities, have greater resources, and don’t have that language barrier. Getting a job might be more challenging than in the US, but honestly I think that with a college degree I would definitely not be in as bad a place as people might think. I do also want to acknowledge that whether in the US or elsewhere (in regards to target/agent dynamics) being a straight white male certainly provides me greater freedom and less worry in these choices than others who may be actively having to think about certain locations/nations treatment of women, LGBTQ communities, or other characteristics.

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