Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Reflection

If I had to migrate to another country, I think I would go to Canada, and I would plan to arrive in Montreal. I chose this place as it was the first place I traveled to outside of the United States, and it is accessible in more ways than by plane. When I first went to this country, I traveled via bus, and it was by night on the way there. I like that Montreal could also be accessed by car or train, opening up the opportunities to leave the United States if I needed to, in a way that is most feasible and economical.

Given my identity as a gay, Latino man, and my career goals I believe there would be accepting spaces and opportunities to grow, especially in the bigger cities. According to the Spartacus Gay Travel Index, 2019, Canada was listed as number one in the list of friendliest countries for LGBT travelers (Forbes).

An agent identity I hold would be migrating as a man, and target identity, being dyslexic and having to re-learn French. Montreal is home to McGill University, among other instituions where I would definitely have interest in furthering my education and adjusting to the new environment.

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