Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Given circumstances outside of my control, in which I had to migrate to another country I would have to be careful of where exactly I am to go. As a queer person of color there are many places in which I would be discriminated against solely on the color of my skin let alone my sexual orientation. I would most likely go to a country in Europe such as England or Spain because I am fluent in both languages and I could have some protections in place when I arrive. I would look for a location that has laws in place against such discrimination whether they be for my skin color or sexual orientation. Even in the country I am currently in it is not entirely safe for people such as myself. Back home, I often worked in restaurants and people would not always take kindly to a person of color serving them. There were many instances where I have been spat or coughed on and even called many racial slurs. This goes to show that the world in itself is a diverse place that can be perceived as a good and bad thing by many for there are so many obstacles that a person that is part of the minority, such as myself, must go through in order to find peace.

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