DEI reflection, McNevin

I think I would go to Germany. My identity as a US citizen might result in some questions about major cultural/socioeconomic differences like the private healthcare industry and having to pay for university for example, (and maybe even still questions about Trump). That kinda thing. My identity as a queer nonbinary/trans masculine individual I feel would be the same or similar socially. Homophobia/transphobia seems to be about the same in Germany as it is in the US. Federally, rights and protections kinda vary state to state in Germany the way they do here, though there are universal rights and protections that cover the whole country of course. I’d probably try to move to one of the states with more of a grip on protections and laws against hate speech. Target/agent dynamics I would encounter would be very similar to those dynamics I encounter here, which is to say any time I interact with a cis person or use a “biologically male” designated space (like a men’s public bathroom).

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