Interdependence Reflection – Patrick Noonan

  1. Interdependence is at the forefront of our steadily globalizing world, positive or negative, and many of our actions directly relate to it. After this workshop it was clear to see how true that is, and also how much more prevalent that is in the world post-COVID-19. Many rely on each other for vital resources, and that now more importantly than before includes things such as healthcare. The workshop also drove home the idea that my actions and what I choose to do, be involved with, and carry out always have an affect on others, positive or negative. Some choices I make every day that affect others are most prevalent in what I buy, how I buy them, how much I get, etc. These drive the basic necessities of our lives and affects how others across the world are producing them, etc. My action on disposing of those items or foods once used in a sustainable vs. non-sustainable manner affects the environment and earth and in turn affects global industries and economies that employ hundreds of millions of people. I think through what I just wrote I covered both some of the major actions that affect others and how I personally am a product of interdependence.

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