The image I selected before the workshop was the image of the globe made up by words; I selected this because, to me, it represented how opinions from multiple parts of the world need to be taken into account to properly address the needs of humanity. I also noticed in looking at the image, each “continent” of words shared some but not all words, indicating to me that two nations’ needs can be similar but will never be the same on paper. Thus, if the world is going to work together to meet their collective needs, it will be necessary to facilitate conversations and negotiations between different countries as well as different classes of people within a single country.

My new definition of sustainability is similar to my previous definition. To me, sustainability is a set of actions and mindsets used to improve and sustain good quality of life in the human condition for the current and future generations of this planet. With this core in mind, sustainability can be extended to a need to improve the current consumerism culture to one that is more conscious of socioeconomic and environmental impact, basic human amenity access like clean water, fresh food, and shelter, but should also extend to healthcare, access to education, accessibility via infrastructure and economic support, and the social welfare of a community. Providing support for people of all socioeconomic classes, especially within a structure that doesn’t care to admit it advocates for meritocracy, should not be something that is looked down upon and is instead necessary to sustain the population.

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