Civic Action

An issue that is prevalent is the pollution of the Oceans. All over the world, people continue to pollute the ocean not only by littering but also by fishing. Overfishing is negatively affecting the ocean greatly and introduces harmful plastics and destroys ecosystems by removing mass amounts of crucial fish from the Oceans. There are several organizations that are working to maintain the fish population and prevent further pollution from the Oceans such as Oceana, Ocean Conservancy, and Sea Shepard Conservation. This is an invisible issue that is hard to see the true impact because most people do not think about where they get their fish from. This is a community issue because the health of the Ocean and of the fish is crucial for not only the world’s health but also the health of every person in the community of the human population. Equity, Interdpednace, and Susatiablity greatly influence my plans going forward with this issue. It is important for not only me but also all people to be sustainable and interdependent, so that fish populations can rebound. A commitment I can make now is to not eat or buy any fish so that I am not personally feeding an industry that continues to hurt the planet. In the future, I hope to bring more attention to this issue so that others will follow suit in protecting the ocean and preventing overfishing.

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