Civic Action – Stephanie

An issue I care about is food insecurity, so it was convenient that this topic consistently came up throughout all four workshops. When I was researching, I found that 30% of Harrisburg City residents are considered to be living below the poverty line; this number is over 13% higher than the national average. As a result, this population is also food insecure.

According to statistical analysis, poverty is more frequent among minority populations, particularly the Black and Brown communities. I believe this is due to the systemic issues of our institutions that often put them at a disadvantage compared to the majority population.

In our workshop, we talked about the importance of not only fixing these types of world issues at the surface level (i.e., supporting food kitchens) but addressing the root of the problem (i.e., fighting systemic racism by being actively anti-racist). I think on the individual level I will continue to donate food because even though it is only a temporary solution, fixing the larger problems will take time and families still need help between now and then. I want to work to support organizations that are committed to creating sustainable change. These organizations may be ones that help these people write resumes and obtain long-term jobs to make money or ones that provide reduced living so that they have more money to spend on food. I can also petition our government leaders who have a lot of power to make change happen. Through the power of voting, I have the power to make my voice heard and support candidates that are committed to promoting equity and addressing the issue of food insecurity.

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