Civic Action

An issue I am concerned with is food security and many groups/populations are affected even within the United States, such as low income or immigrant families. Within my own town an organization called “La Comunidad Hispana” specializes in providing resources to the aforementioned individuals. They are actively pursuing more ways to get community involvement through many advertisements and news articles asking for volunteers and or donations to the organization. Keeping this in mind my understanding of how grand the issue is has been greatly affected.┬áThere is a variety of things people can do to help those in need and it is not limited to just providing donations. Equity, sustainability, and interdependence frameworks have influenced my way of thinking on many matters. All actions towards another human being must be equitable, sustainable, and not be too distant from the topic of interdependence. For as a society we should not be divided rather learn to coexist with one another rather than thrive on the actions of discrimination, hate, and conflict. In my pursuit for higher education, I have begun looking towards being a future surgeon and helping those in need within the latinx community. Such a representation within this field is needed in so many ways for our community is often taken advantage of when in a situation that involves medical assistance. My goal is to lessen this fear that has been created when seeking help. In recent years, an image of the latinx community in general has been created to be one of violence, drugs, rape, and many other baseless accusations. Especially within my own community of Oxford, Pennsylvania. To the locals of Oxford, most view Hispanics as just mushroom pickers or yard workers who will not get far in their education or in life, but there is so much more to us than the jobs they have chosen to depict us by. There is a vast culture and history that the Mexican community, as well as all others of the latinx community, bring to this country and how beneficial it has been to so many individuals.

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