Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

If I migrated to another country, I would land in a country in Europe, perhaps Itlay. My identity as an army brat, and also as a half Eastern European, would greatly enhance my experience in a foreign country. My identity up this point has been defined by moving to new places and meeting new people on a regular basis due to my father being in the Amry. Because of my developed identity over years of travel and experiences, my hope would be that migrating to a new place be an easy process. I am also half Eupreoan myself, and this is a big part of my identity. While in Italy, my identity as European would help me relate to the locals and hopefully allow me to fit in seamlessly. While there are other dynamics of Idefnity that would help adapt me to a new place, it’s my belief that my upbringing as a military child with a European mother, would best suit me for migration into another country, like Itlay.

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