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Vietnam and Anti-War Dissent

The most widespread war protests occurred over the 20 or so years that the United States involved itself in the Vietnam war. The antiwar movement came to a head in the 1960’s. The clashes between the government and American citizens were explosive because many saw Vietnam as a platform for numerous domestic and foreign issues- racism, sexism, American exceptionalism, the Cold War, and so on and so forth. This was a tumultuous era for the government, which found itself unequipped to confront all of the issues brought forth by protesters. The degree of pressure placed on officials from dissenters forced slow but tangible reform efforts from the United States government.



The greatest changes in America have occurred as a result of dissent – the very conception of the United States was an act of protest.  As the American system has evolved, dissent has come to be widely recognized as imperative to a healthy democratic state.

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