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America has had a rich history of antiwar dissent in the past century. Antiwar protests are especially significant in the United States because they are an exercise of the First… Read more »

Women’s Peace Parade

At the onset of the Great War in 1914, thousands of women descended on New York in the first-ever women-only protest against American participation in war. Photographers found women wearing… Read more »

Antiwar Meeting Breakup

In the early 20th century, new labor newspapers were created at a profound rate. The Seattle Daily Call served as a watchdog on the government’s response to labor-related issues, but… Read more »

Gulf War Peace Marches

This newspaper article covers a march that occurred in January of 1991 in protest of American participation in the Gulf War. The article, and those interviewed, drew parallels to Vietnam’s… Read more »

Laura Flanders Speech

At the same rally in 1991, Laura Flanders gave a speech demanding accurate media coverage of the antiwar demonstrations. Flanders was employed at a nonprofit which worked to hold the… Read more »

Special Order Remarks

Following the September 11 attacks, news quickly circulated that the Bush administration was seeking a declaration of war on Afghanistan. Georgia representative Cynthia McKinney released a statement asserting that war… Read more »

Anniversary March

On the 10th anniversary of America’s invasion of Afghanistan, an antiwar rally was held in Times Square. This photo shows a woman holding a sign that says, “Imagine how the… Read more »