What is to be done

Author: Vladimir Illyich Lenin, Russian revolutionary and politician.

Context: He played a central role as a leader of Russian revolution because he had a great ability to bring people together. He also learned  the idea of socialism developed by Karl Marx and established his theory. It was called Marxism-Leninism.  Because of physical damages caused by an attempted assassination, he passed away.

Language: He uses a standard level of English.

Audiences: social democrats, and members of revolutionary groups

Intentions: There are mainly three kinds of intentions.

1. To state significant elements that social revolutionary group should have for a success.

2. To clarify the differences between the group of employees and revolutionaries.

3. To inform his own theory in the action of social revolution.


1. The group of employees and revolutionaries is very different. Employers take their action voluntary, while revolutionaries conduct revolution as a natural action.

2. The group of employees does not get accustomed to large-scale movements, while revolutionaries are well versed in revolutionary movements.

3. It is useful for revolutionary groups to keep professional revolutionaries because they help the coordination within members.

4. Group members of revolutionary movements have to learn a faith belief in advance because it can lead them to the success of actions.



2 thoughts on “What is to be done

  1. Lenin offers organization and understanding of the fundamentals of revolution and the potential success of a movement. He emphasizes the importance of a well-ordered and consistent group for a resilient movement. He seems to consider the working class incapable of such organization and durability due to their lack of privileged education and complexity.

  2. You mention Marxism-Leninism; this would later become the prominent political ideology for the Communist Party around the world until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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