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ENGL 331-02: The Nineteenth-Century Novel
Dickinson College, Fall 2022
Tues/Fri 1:30-2:45

The American writer Henry James notoriously referred to novels of the nineteenth century as “large, loose, baggy monsters.” This course focuses on the genre of the novel to study its form, and its function within the nineteenth-century imagination. Specifically, we will consider the nineteenth-century novel as an attempt to reflect and imagine society as a sprawling network through which individuals move and develop. Our focus will be on serialization and narrative structure as indicative of genre (sensation novel/ detective novel/ marriage plot), and our texts will include works by both British and American and authors in order to think about transnational history through the novel form.


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Professor Sarah E. Kersh

Office: East College 413
Office Hours: TBA
Office phone: 717-254-8952