Experiment Setup Files

Experiment files for Workshop Physics, Explorations in Physics, Interactive Lecture Demonstrations and RealTime Physics modules are available for both PASCO and Vernier sensors. These files are provided free of charge from both companies. Please let us know about any corrections or problems that you have with these files as we will provide updates to the companies.

Activity Based Physics setup files from Vernier come with the Logger Pro software. They can be accessed as follows. Under the File Menu, go to Open and locate the Experiment Folder. Within the Experiment Folder, there is a folder that is titled Additional Physics. Inside the Additional Physics folder, you will find folders for Explorations in Physics, Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, RealTime Physics and Workshop Physics.

The Exploration in Physics set-up files are listed by units with individual folders located within the Exploration in Physics folder.The entire group of Interactive Lecture Demonstration (ILD) Experiment Files will be found in the ILD folder. In the RealTime Physics folder, there are four folders of set-up files, corresponding to the four RealTime Physics Modules. The Workshop Physics set-up files are listed by units with individual folders located within the Workshop Physics folder.



Assessment Examinations

The assessment examinations that are recommended for use with the Activity Based Physics materials are available at  PhysPort  an American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) website at


If you access the website and establish that you are a bona fide science or mathematics instructor at almost any level from 7th grade through graduate school, you can log on to download the recommended evaluations and over 35 other research-validated assessments.