Physics Pholk Songs

Physics Pholk Song CD

1. The Bricklayer’s Song
(P. Cooksey)
2. Applesauce
(J. Harmon)
3. Pool Table Physics Lab Rap
(R. Morse)
4. Galaxy Song
(E. Idle and J. DuPrez)
5. Motion Detector Rag
(D. Hildebrand)
6. Newton’s Laws
(B. Franklin/G. Hildebrand)
7. I’m My Own Grandpaw
(D. Latham, M. Jaffe)
8. Particles…Quant’em
(J. Harmon)
9. Electricity and History
(G. Hildebrand)
10. How Colors Delight
(J. Franklin/G. Hildebrand)
11. Simple Harmonic Oscillator Rap
(S. Lewicki, D. Politzer, D. Priest)
12. To Sir Isaac
(D. Hildebrand)
13. The Elements
(T. Lehrer)
14. First and Second Law
(Flanders and Swann)

For a detailed explanation of the contents of the CD, see Harmon Publishing

The Physics Pholk Song CD can be purchased from Harmon Publishing,Educational Innovations*, Colonial Music Sales**, or from PASCO Scientific

* For Educational Innovations, click on “BOOKS, SOFTWARE & VIDEOS,”
then on “Songs of Science,” and scroll down.
** For Colonial Music, click on “CDs & Cassettes,” then scroll down.

Physics Pholk Song Assignments
The following file is meant to be used in conjunction with the Physics Pholk Song CD produced by David & Ginger Hildebrand. This file contains the lyrics to all 14 songs on the CD along with assignments that have been created for each song. You’ll find that some assignments are suitable for college physics courses, others will work well in high school classes, and there are even a few activities for elementary school age children. The assignments were created for non-commercial educational purposes only. With this in mind feel free to download the file, modify it and reproduce it.

Click one of the following links to choose your format:
Physics Pholk Songs Assignments: Microsoft WORD / Stuffit ZIP / Adobe PDF