Welcome to Al di là del ponte, a website of Italian language resources created for students studying Italian at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA (USA)!

Here are some tips!

  1. Read the Italian newspaper in a simplified version for FREE (see Metronews in the Newspaper section)!
  2. Listen to Italian-only radio stations such as Radio Italia while you sip Shirley Temples by the pool (see Radio/Music section)!
  3. Review some quizlets from Avanti or from your 201 or 231 classes while you tread some mill at the gym (see Vocabulary).
  4. Watch some Italian news from the RAI 24 channel (see TV).
  5. Check out the cool Italian podcast (Italiano automatico) made by some random Italian dude and his adorable little NONNA who aim to teach Italian to foreigners (see YouTube).
  6. Sick of Despacito? Interested to know the latest tunes Italians are digging this week? Check out the Rankings section for Music and many other classifications such as books, films, podcasts and more…!
  7. Do you want to know what Italians think of The Donald? Pour yourself a hot cup of Covfefe and listen to America 24, an interesting podcast that presents American politics in Italian from an Italian perspective (see Podcasts).
  8. Watch an American Netflix show you have already seen, but this time with the audio in Italian (see Netflix section of site for a list of possibilities).
  9. Set up a Skype language exchange through the Mixxer. Some of our students have even made lasting friendships this way! (See the Language Resources section).
  10. Explore the “Al di là del ponte” website to discover for more ways to connect with Italy!

Buon divertimento!