For my final blog post, I decided to interview my friend, Erin Anne. She has a loving and friendly mini Labradoodle. Her name is Luna! Erin Anne wanted to name her Lulu, but no one in the family liked it, so they all agreed on Luna.

Some fun facts about Luna are that besides loving treats, her second favorite thing is pepperoni, she’ll do anything for it! Luna was born on January 17, 2019, so she is 2 years old. She is from Pennsylvania. Whenever anyone comes to the door, she is barking, running around, and wagging her tail because she is so excited! Two of her other favorite things include sleeping and going on long walks with her dog friends and their owners.

But her all-time favorite thing to do is go on vacation to their house in Rangely, Maine. Their family drives from Baltimore to Rangely every summer and lives there. Luna loves it, maybe besides the long car ride. She has the lake to swim in, neighbors to play with, and can go on hikes with the family. Erin Anne told me her favorite story about Luna in Maine. One night their neighbors were cooking a big chicken, and Erin Anne could not find Luna anywhere. 15 minutes later, Luna came running home with a massive chicken in her mouth! They never told their neighbors that Luna took it, so they must’ve been very confused about that one!

After hearing about this story, I wanted to see if the common ways mini Labradoodles act was similar to the things Luna does. One of the main things’ Labradoodles hate is being alone. They want the company, whether it’s other dogs or other humans (Logue, 2019). Erin Anne said that this was very applicable to Luna because she is always with their family. One of the main differences Erin Anne told me was that Luna was tough to train. Research says that Labradoodles are usually easy to train due to their intelligence (Logue, 2019). Luna continues to act crazy and sometimes disobeys when her family members tell her to sit or come.

Luna is still an adorable, loving, and energetic dog that loves to play and spend time with her family! Below is a picture from here at her favorite spot in Rangely, Maine.

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