Did you know that Batman has a dog named Ace? That’s where the Rebeiz family’s new Borador puppy Ace got his name from. ¬†Borador dogs are a mix between a border collie and a lab and are known for being outgoing and highly intelligent.¬†“Boradors need lots of exercise, because of their high energy levels and their tendency to gain weight if sedentary (Fitzgerald)”. When the Rebeiz family first got Ace, he was three months old and they adopted him from a shelter. At first, Ace would go play at a doggy daycare where he would make new friends and burn off some energy frequently during the week. “A young, healthy Borador needs a minimum of one hour of vigorous activity every day, and that’s exactly what Ace was getting (Fitzgerald)”. Now, three months later, Ace still goes to doggy daycare once a week simply because he loves it so much! Going to daycare even just once a week was a great outlet for Ace.

Ace looks like the typical Borador puppy, with a white dot on his nose, under his neck and tail, and with white spots on his paws. He is the same size as a border collie, and Professor Rebeiz says he barks like a lab :).

“The Borador is enthusiastic to learn and eager to please and is capable of learning just about anything the owner desires, as reflected in its success as a working service dog (Fitzgerald)”. The Rebeiz family trained Ace by putting a bell on the door to their backyard. Every time they would leave the house, they would ring the bell to show Ace that that is what he needed to do when he too wanted to go outside. Quickly, Ace picked up on this, and now he uses the bell every time he needs to go to the bathroom. The adaptability and intelligence of Ace and the Borrador breed are evident here.

P.s — Ace gets along especially nicely with the family cat, Loyd!


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