When deciding to get a dog there are two major factors you go through, deciding if you want to get one from a shelter or a breeder. There is a huge difference between them, as for a shelter dog you could be saving their life.  Although they are different from where they come from, all dogs are loving and beautiful. If you would like a puppy, breeders are the best option, as they mostly only sell puppies. If you wanted an older dog a shelter would be the best case.

I had the opportunity to interview  Professor Barret from Dickinson college to talk about his dog Eva who he got from a shelter. Eva is currently seven years old, and Professor Barret got her when she just one year old. Eva loves to go on hikes with Professor Barret and his fiance as she loves the outdoors and adventures. When talking to Professor about how he trained Eva he went on saying he did half of it and an actual trainer did the rest.

When discussing to Professor Barret about why he got a dog from the shelter he said it was the best choice for him, because he really wanted to help. This warms my heart as approximately every year 670,000 shelter dogs are euthanized. Professor Barrett went on and told me there are some traits he sees in Eva that are different from other dogs. Unfortunately, Eva does not get along with any dogs and that might be due to her past and upbringing. Although she doesn’t get along with dogs she loves humans and will get along with anybody.

In all, Eva is an awesome dog and Professor Barrett says it makes his day when he comes home and sees her little smile on her face. Professor Barret really cherishes the times when he goes on hikes and hunting trips with Eva as he truly loves it and so does she.