For my final blog post I was able to interview Professor Noreen about her beautiful dog Macey Grey. Macey is 15 years old and she is a rescue from Georgia.

When getting a rescue puppy, it is sometimes difficult to get them to adapt to their new lifestyle. Some rescues have very traumatizing pasts, whether that be from poor ownership or just living on the streets. It can also be difficult to earn their trust. One major difficulty rescue owners usually deal with is house training, it can be very hard to get your rescue puppy to adjust to your home and your schedule depending on their past. However Macey is a prime example that this is not always the case.

Macey has been a loyal member of the family for 12 years now. She is trained and in tune with the family’s schedule, taking 3 walks a day and spending the rest of her time spreading love throughout the house. She shows her love and companionship with her constant need for affection. Macey sleeps with Professor Noreen and her husband and night and gets very anxious when they are not around.

So the next time you’re considering if you should buy a puppy from a breeder or a rescue shelter, don’t be afraid to try the shelter. You are saving that animal’s life and creating more space for another animal to be saved. You might even be as lucky as the Noreen family and gain a loyal addition to your family for the next 12+ years.

(Fun fact: Macey was actually named after the singer Macy Gray, because of how anxious she gets when nobody is there to comfort her.)