VERY handsome boy :))
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About Me: Oliver Iyer

I like food-Oliver

Hello, my name is Oliver Iyer and I have been working in the kitchen my entire life. From a young age, I’ve always wanted to help my parents make meals in the kitchen (even if I was slowing them down.) As a high schooler, I’ve worked “back-of-house” at multiple restaurants in my hometime. When I was nine, my mother was diagnosed with Lyme disease and had to make changes to her diet in order to be able to walk and feel somewhat normal. As a military dependent, I’ve lived across the country and abroad so food has always been prominent in my life as I’ve traveled. Even though I don’t understand anything related to science or math, I’m excited to learn more about how food works in this class. I intend on majoring in International Studies and Economics and minoring in Russian.

VERY handsome boy :))
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