Background Information: What is the Croissant?

This post is by Isaiah Bañuelos and Caleb Chastain 

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Croissants, what many might know as the tasty bread we will eat as breakfast, that we can make into a sandwich for lunch, or even have as a dessert after dinner. Croissants are a baked good that we will often use for all parts of our day. However, what many fail to consider is the labor-intensive nature that is the croissant. While it may seem easy to produce, the croissant takes a whopping 14 hours to prepare and bake. Croissants are a flakey pastry made with thinly layering butter and sweet pastry dough. The dough is rolled out thinly and butter is placed on top of it. The dough is then folded over to encase the butter in the dough. The dough encased in butter is then rolled out thinly and folded repeatedly, creating alternating layers of butter and dough. When baked, the butter melts and is absorbed into the dough leaving airy gaps in between layers of dough. The heat of the oven bakes the dough into holding its shape, preventing the layers from sticking together and merging into a solid mass. In this investigation, we examined what alterations white sugar to brown sugar would do to the croissants and the differences between flour.

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