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Coffee Cake

The Chemistry in Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake is a crumbly, moist dessert cake. The coffee cake recipe, I use here, features two cake layers separated by an additional layer of cinnamon, topped with a streusel topping. Specifically, the baking process and ordering of ingredients contribute to the makings of this signature dish. In reference to heat, the temperature and time …

Coffee Cake

Recipe at a Glance: Coffee Cake

Below, I’ve attached a time and activity sheet that details the instructions and ingredients needed to prepare this recipe. This coffee cake is layered, and so the ingredients and steps are separated by those layers.   Printable version: 20.02.2022ChemTimeAndActivitySheet

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About Me: Moss Butler

Hello! My name is Moss Butler, and I’m from Seneca Falls, New York. I’m currently a junior at Dickinson College studying English and Sexuality Studies. This class has given me the opportunity to explore the inner workings behind the seeming benign topic of food. I’ve always had an interest in chemistry, but not always cuisine. …