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About Me: Romario Cruz

Hello all! My name is Romario Cruz and I’m a current first year at Dickinson College. I’m from from Los Angeles, California a city somewhat bigger than the town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Food’s always been very prominent in my life, I love it! Where I’m from it’s very easy to find different many different dishes …

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About Me: Zane Saxton

  Cooking was always something that I saw my parents and grandparents doing as a child and as I’ve grown older I’ve become increasingly interested in it. My parents have almost always followed the recipe to create tasty food. My grandmother; however, rarely ever followed a recipe and still created delicious food. I joined this …

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About Me! Sammy Jo

Hello! My name is Sammy Jo, and I’m not a huge cook, foodie, or anything of that nature. However, just this year my 12 year old sister was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. In order to accommodate her and to make her feel less left out, my family decided to go as gluten free in our …

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About Me: Dylan Suplick

I’m from Philadelphia and have lived there my entire life. Food has been an interest of mine since I was a child because of the fortunate experiences I’ve had with unique foods. Every Sunday my mom, sister, and I would make some type of morning treat. Either banana bread, pancakes, brownies, cookies, etc. Being in …

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About Me: Oliver Iyer

I like food-Oliver Hello, my name is Oliver Iyer and I have been working in the kitchen my entire life. From a young age, I’ve always wanted to help my parents make meals in the kitchen (even if I was slowing them down.) As a high schooler, I’ve worked “back-of-house” at multiple restaurants in my …

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About Me: Prof. O’Neill

Food has always played an important part in my life, whether it be making it or eating it. I grew up in a household where we canned our own peaches, made our own applesauce, and froze fresh corn to be enjoyed throughout the year. Ice cream was not something purchased from the grocery store, but …