Science of Original Recipe

Science of Original recipe: Banana Muffins

The original recipe:

Ingredients explained: 

  • Flour is essential for the structure of the muffin, providing the gluten that helps the muffin rise and hold its shape.
  • Sugar and light brown adds sweetness and moisture to the muffin
  • Eggs provide structure, richness
  • Baking powder and baking soda helps in leavening and help the muffin rise and become light and fluffy.
  • Butter or oil provides moisture and richness to the muffin and contributes to the flavor.
  • Milk and buttermilk adds moisture and tanginess to the muffin.
  • Vanilla extract or spices add flavor and aroma to the muffin.
  • Salt enhances the flavor of the muffins and balances the sweetness.
  • Bananas are the star of the show in banana muffins. They add natural sweetness, moisture, and flavor to the muffins.

Every ingredient in baking a banana muffin serves an important part and contributes to the final result. The combination of ingredients and their measurements must be accurate to create a delicious baked banana muffin.

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