Science of Adapted Recipes

Science of Adapted Recipes: Banana Muffins

The original recipe: Partner Isaiah Akinsanya made a few adjustments to the recipe and tried the recipe out a few times to get the best result. We will try four different types of banana bread muffins for our experiment. The first one will be the original recipe, with nothing added or taken out. We would put the three mixing batters into three different bowls to add or increase an additional amount of the original ingredients they had begun with. For number one, we would increase the amount of baking powder. We would add about a teaspoon or more to see how the reaction of the banana bread would turn out to be. We will observe it, taste it, and record it. The baking powder will give it bigger air bubbles that make the muffin lighter and we will increase the sugar by 1/4 a teaspoon and cream of tartar by 1/2 teaspoon to get a fluffier muffin and taste sweeter.

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