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Adapted Recipe of Cheesecake: A Vegan Way



Going to the Caf every day, I would always look at the dessert section and see what kind of sweets there were. One day, I saw the label: Vegan Cheesecake. I wondered what would be different between regular cheesecake and vegan cheesecake, which was also a part of the reason I chose cheesecake in the first place. What ingredients are changed in the recipe to change it to vegan?


Base ingredients: Standard cheesecake would usually consist of ingredients such as cream cheese and eggs. In a vegan cheesecake, the dairy-based cream cheese is replaced with alternatives such as cashews, tofu, or dairy-free cream cheese. Also, eggs are replaced with ingredients like agar-agar, cornstarch, or ground flaxseed mixed with water.

Graham Cracker: One similarity regular cheesecake and vegan cheesecake have is the crust or the graham cracker. However, one sheer difference is for vegan cheesecakes, the butter is replaced with plant-based butter or coconut oil, and the cookies or crackers used must be vegan-friendly, free from dairy and other animal-derived ingredients.

A few differences between orthodox cheesecake and vegan cheesecake would be the flavor, texture, and nutritional profile. Depending on the specific ingredients used, vegan cheesecakes may offer different nutritional benefits compared to traditional cheesecakes. For example, using nuts or seeds as a base ingredient may increase the levels of healthy fats and essential nutrients in the dessert.

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