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About Me: Joseph

Hi! My name is Joseph, and I am a First Year. I’m majoring in Mathematics and Psychology. I was born in Boston MA, and then after 6 years, I moved to South Korea and lived there for 12 years. I haven’t really touched on baking and cooking, but was always interested in it, which made …

Recipe at a Glance

Blue Berry Buckle

Whenever I mention Blue Berry Buckle to anyone they always ask “What’s that?” Apparently it’s not as popular as I was lead to believe by my mother, who would always make it for me every time blueberries came into season in our area. She would stop at the local Amish fruit stand on her way …

About Me

About me: Kai

Hello, I’m a 20 year old Dickinson college student and this semester I’m taking Chemistry in the Kitchen. I’ve always helped my mom with the baking, Christmas cookies, birthday cakes, thanksgiving pies, and other desserts. She loves throwing dinner parties and my sister and I always get roped into making something. I tend to stay …