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About Me – Shane Mundorf

My name is Shane Mundorf, and I am a Sophomore at Dickinson College majoring in International Business & Management and minoring in Economics. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but I have lived in Lancaster, PA for most of my life. One of my biggest passions in life is playing soccer, which I am lucky enough to be playing at the collegiate level here at Dickinson. Some of my other hobbies include skiing, traveling, golfing, and playing video games with my friends.

In terms of food, I was blessed to be raised by two amazing cooks. My mother always made amazing casserole dishes on the weekdays, and my father would always grill a wide variety of meats on the weekends. I have also been lucky enough to try a wide variety of different dishes through my various travel experiences. From fish and chips in London to fresh tzatziki and pita in Greece, I have tried some amazing foreign dishes.


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