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About Jonah Lenahan

Hi y’all. As I’m sure you know, my name is Jonah Lenahan. I had some fun with the first draft of this post, but now I am transitioning to a much blander style that will allow me to complete this assignment. In the first draft, I introduced myself in the third person as J.M. Lenny, …


About Mason Weller

Mason Weller is one of the most scholarly minds of this century. He currently attends Dickinson College and is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Law & Policy. He was born in Harrisburg, PA and has lived in Central Pennsylvania his whole life. He has payed tennis his entire life and has enjoyed …


About me: Isaiah

Hi. My name is Isaiah Akinsanya. I was born in Oakland California but moved to Los Angeles. I like to cooking food when I have the time (and money), working out, and playing activities like basketball and volleyball. I am the oldest in my family and the first generation to go to college. Fun fact: …