The Science of Cornbread—Altered Recipe

Now that you know the function of each ingredient in the original cornbread recipe, it’s time to learn how altering the milk used will effect the final product. (To view an ingredient list with measurements see Cornbread).

For the most part, the function of each ingredient is the same as in the original recipe, but the addition of soy milk does change the final product.

Soy is a plant-based milk with a higher water content than whole milk. Soy milk has more fat and protein than whole milk. The added fat will slightly change the texture of the corn bread. Whereas, the increased protein makes the structure stronger. When baking and cooking with whole milk the lactose and protein causes browning; soy milk does not have lactose but the extra protein will allow the bread to brown more than it would have with the whole milk (Heath, 1). The baking powder will react to the whole milk because it is a liquid, however soy milk is alkaline, meaning neutral. By contrast, whole milk is acidic and the acidity reacts to the leavening agent. Due to soy milk being neutral the altered corn bread might not have as many gas pockets or rise as much as the original corn bread.

The final product of cornbread with the soy milk will be slightly different from the cornbread with regular milk. The overall structure and texture of the bread will be tougher and more dense. This is because of the comparatively increased protein and lack of acidic elements. Although the taste of the cornbread should be about the same, the elements that add flavor (like the salt) will not be affected. 


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