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Science of Cornbread—Original Recipe

This is the original recipe for the cornbread and the science behind its ingredients! (Refer to the link for measurements). Structurally and in regards to texture, the flour, cornmeal and sugar are important to this recipe. The all purpose flour will provide the protein necessary for gluten formation, while also containing starch molecules that will …


We consider whole milk to be the default milk; in baking, in coffee, in drinking straight, if you are brave enough to do so. For our recipe we wanted to take a classic comfort food and slightly alter one ingredient: milk! Would changing the recipe from including whole milk to using soy milk have any …

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About Me: Layla

  Hi! I’m a first-year from New Jersey. I plan on majoring in English and Political Science. In my free time I read and bake. At home I bake more than I cook (I tried making pasta once and it was a mess). I usually make different kinds of scones and cookies. (The picture is …