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Science of Adapted Brownie Recipe – Fudgier Brownie

     In this version of the recipe, we adapted the original recipe to give the brownies a fudgier texture. To do so, we added a bit more oil and used a little less flour in the batter. Within a recipe, the oil adds moisture and richness to brownies, making them denser. Since oil is an unsaturated fat, and fats are structure weakening in baked goods, a recipe with more fats will not be able to hold the air pockets. This resulted in a dessert that contains less structure and fewer air pockets. Our finished product was a dense, fudgey, and gooey brownie. 

     In addition, we added more sugar. This additional sugar dissolved the water, leaving the oil as the main liquid to create a denser texture. Sugar is also another structure-weakening ingredient, so adding more once again limited the brownie’s ability to hold air pockets and maintain a structure like a cake-like brownie can. Another reason we have for adding more sugar is that it added some sweetness and masked some of the taste of the oil since we added more oil to this recipe.

Click here for the original recipe.

Click here to see the alterations needed to make a cakier brownie.



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