Science of Adapted Recipes

Science of Adapted Recipe – Buttermilk Pancakes

An adjustment that can be made to the buttermilk pancake recipe is to replace the buttermilk with a mixture of sour cream and milk. To substitute the two cups of buttermilk in this recipe, you would need to replace it with 1 cup sour cream whisked together with 1 cup milk (L√≥pez-Alt). One of the main aspects that the buttermilk brings to the recipe is the flavor it provides to the pancakes, as well as the acidity it provides to allow the baking soda to produce carbon dioxide gas. Other potential substitutes include using regular milk and adding a small amount of an acidic liquid like lemon juice or vinegar. The issue with these substitutes is you lose the thickness and flavor created from the buttermilk. That’s why a mixture of milk and sour cream is the best option, since it keeps its acidic properties but does not lose any thickness.

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