Science of Adapted Recipes

Lumpia Egg Substitute

In this recipe, it is possible to replace the egg with something else. In this case, we will substitute the egg in both beaten and wash forms with soy lecithin powder. To do so, replace the two eggs with a total of two tablespoons of soy lecithin powder (McDonnell 2023) mixed with some water so it can be applied.

Due to the fact that  the primary function of the egg in this recipe is to bind the other ingredients together, soy lecithin is an adequate substitute. The lecithins in egg are the primary method by which this is done, so it is important that they are replaced. Soy contains similar lecithins that act as emulsifiers that bind molecules together (Rydhag and Wilton 1981). This must be done with care, though similar results should be achieved. A slight difference in taste will be noted as egg and soybeans do retain different flavor characteristics. The interior will remain consistent, though extra care with the outer shell should be taken.


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