“Where I live; where they live”

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a large city located in the northeastern United States. I consider myself American, Pennsylvanian and a Philadelphia native. While notable differences in language and culture exist between the levels of all of these regions, those who live in the United States predominantly speak English among other languages and several ethnicities exist with a white majority. In the United States, there is no state religion, Christianity however is the religion that most Americans identify as, although several others such as unaffiliated people, Jehovah’s witness’, Jews, and Hindus make up large minorities. While no state religion exists, the founding fathers were largely Christain, and their values continue to have a massive impact on American life to this day. From a cultural perspective, Americans have long valued Independence and self-reliance, freedom to live their lives with limited intervention and control by the government is a long-held belief. This sense of independence motivates the importance of self-determination. Americans are very proud of being self-reliant and able to take care of themselves. They tend to think others should be self-reliant as well.

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Yemen on the contrary, is thousands of miles away from Philadelphia. They have a totally different cultural background.  Defined of late by an ongoing war the Tigris region, was not always riddled with such internal strife. Once one of the wealthiest trading states in the world, this is no longer the case. In this area, the common language Arabic, their race and ethnicity on the other hand vary greatly. A largly tribal region thousands of people of Indian decent and a significant afro Arab population, which includes the black community within the Egyptians, Mauritanians, North Sudanese, and the Berbers. As opposed to temperate deciduous biome of Pennsylvania , people in this region are born and raised in a state with a very diverse Enviromental profile. Defined by dry coastal plains, middle highlands and the Tigris river this is a diverse land for agriculture and housing human life. As for religion, Islam has been strongly supported by those who live in here while other groups such as a small Jewish minority should be taken into account as well.

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It is clear that growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has presented me with a very different life experience than say having an upbringing in Baghdad.  A common thread of a largely shared language, culture and biome do not exist between these two places. That being said, in the case of where I grew up, more than meets the eye existed in terms of the cultural fabric of the region. For instance, a significant Pennsylvania Dutch population inhabited exactly where a grew up. On the surface, it may seem strange that this group with an entirely unique belief set, language, and lifestyle existed in what many would see as a typical urban neighborhood. Hence, it is vital to take a deeper look into all peoples and we find correlations we otherwise would not have known well. in doing so we may be able to have a better opportunity to understand them and possibly find more in common than is on the surface.

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