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  • Yemen’s $1B aid package with UAE

    As Yemen’s Civil war continues to rage, Yemen’s internationally recognized government “signed a deal with the Arab Monetary Fund on Sunday” according to local state media. This may lead the way for a possible Saudi-backed package of $1 billion in aid. The Arab monetary fund is an Abu Dhabi-based sub organization of the Arab League. […]

  • United States, Yemen, and Iran: The Latest

    As Houthis continue to attack Yemeni ports, the U.S. state department continues to advocate against their aggressive actions. Recently, “the Iran-backed group has carried out several attacks on oil terminals and seaports in government-held areas, disrupting the flow of crude exports and increasing pressure on negotiators seeking to revive a truce agreement between Yemen’s warring […]

  • COVID-19 as a case study: What are the best arguments in favor of regulation of religious expression?

    In this blog post I will use the medium of the COVID-19 outbreak to orchestrate the arguments in favor of regulations on religion. I will explain each argument and their merits. This does not mean I agree with them, however. The first argument is illustrated well by Jonathan Turley a law professor at George Washington […]

  • Social Media and COP27

    For my latest blog I will focus on the role of social media pertaining to COP27, specifically how the social media platform of tik tok is playing a role. Regarding tik tok, it is a Chinese based short video sharing platform. Vie w profile As explained by tik tok: “COP27 brings together world leaders, civil […]

  • Waltz with Bashir and Black Hearts

    In this blog I will discuss the film “Waltz with Bashir.” This is an animated film from 2005 that would go on to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The film serves as a sort of animated documentary and documents events in Lebanon in 1982. The film opens in the form of […]

  • What Media would I choose?

    If Yemen were to undergo a regime change, a period of radical uncertainty would certainly ensue. In order to understand this dynamic state of affairs what forms of media would I turn to as a means to stay informed? I would look towards non-state peer reviewed television and newspaper sources. For a country like Yemen, […]

  • Clarke Forum: Journalism in Conflict: Reporting from Ukraine and Beyond

    “Greatest single immediate threat” -Anthony Borden on the threat posed by disinformation I found the latest Clarke Forum event with journalist Anthony Borden to be incredibly pertinent to class. A theme that I noticed from his presentation was that of disinformation. Disinformation according to Mr. Borden is posing a massive threat to journalist around the […]

  • Midway Reflection

    The most poignant question I have found myself asking about the dire situation in Yemen is how to fix it? To date, the only answer I can think of is an investment in human capital. The reason I say this is because I have been privileged enough to meet several great field grade Army officers […]

  • Yemen and its Environmental Ticking Time Bomb

    In conducting my research on keeping in tune with what is going on in Yemen to date. I was shocked to find out that an Enviromental time bomb is ticking, and after 7 years is on the edge of going off. For context, a decaying oil tanker off the coast of Yemen with a payload […]

  • The latest: the United States and Yemen

    OCTOBER 6, 2022 To date the civil war within Yemen has claimed close to 400,000 lives and left the majority of the country’s people reliant on humanitarian aid in order to get by. As of October, according to CBS News world report, the six-month ceasefire without a truce agreement to replace it has dissolved. U.S. […]