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  • Ripple Effects of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

    The invasion to ISIS: a brief history of violence in Iraq – YouTube   The invasion of Iraq in 2003 had far-reaching ripple effects on the Tigris Euphrates region, including political, economic, and social consequences that are still felt today. In this blog post, I will explore some of the major ripple effects of the […]

  • Israel/Palestine Talk Post

    The key “solutions” I garnered from the talk were that of exclusively a “one-state” or  “two-state,” solution. Initially, I wondered why elements of both are not being used in this process. But, after the talk I see more clearly the pitfalls of my previous train of thought. In summation, A one-state solution seems to mean […]

  • My Thoughts: Lecture on The Bin Laden Papers by Dr. Nelly Lahoud

    I found Dr. Nelly Lahouds talk to be very interesting. It was particularly interesting to hear about the living conditions that Bin Laden had within the compound he was staying Pakistan. The fact that his associates would only leave for select food and once annually for medical treatment provided a lot of insight into his […]

  • SDG Futures

    Based on several of the class presentations and reading material, it is easy to perceive the entire MENA region as being hamstrung by political and Enviromental factors in making SDG progress. In this post, I will focus on the positive steps taken in the region has made some strides in achieving the United Nations Sustainable […]

  • SDG Challenges within MENA

    Overall, the MENA states face several unique challenges that hinder their progress towards achieving the SDGs. Some unique challenges to this region are: Conflict and Political Instability: Many countries in the region experience internal conflicts, civil wars, and political instability, which undermine efforts to achieve the SDGs. Conflicts lead to loss of lives, displacement of […]

  • My Water Diary

    My Water Diary was an eye-opening experience. I thought I would be significantly lower than I was. My Personal water footprint was 1,952 Gallons/Day or 3226.2 m³ per year. Compared to the US Average: 1,802 Gallons/Day. I will now compare this to Syria and Turkey. Syria on one hand has a Total water footprint of […]

  • The ‘others’ in our communities

    When asked to consider who belongs and who is an outsider in a community with which I am a part of, I immediately thought of my Army family. As a part of Army ROTC, I have had the opportunity to have some amazing training opportunities ranging from attending the Sabaluski Air Assault school, to shadowing […]

  • “Where I live; where they live”

    I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a large city located in the northeastern United States. I consider myself American, Pennsylvanian and a Philadelphia native. While notable differences in language and culture exist between the levels of all of these regions, those who live in the United States predominantly speak English among other languages […]

  • Tigris Area of Focus Blog

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