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Continued Press Interest on Durban’s Outcomes

Figueres---Face of Hope?

It is now officially over one month since the conference in Durban occurred and the participants packed up and left. After the Mosaic’s time at the conference, and the feelings of frustration most of us felt, it’s interesting to see the press on the outcomes of this conference. Even more interesting is that it’s actually…positive. After spending everyday at the conference, immersed in the discussions, the press briefings, the interviews, one forgets that the framework established at the conference still needs to be worked out. In the article “Signs of New Life as U.N. Searches for a Climate Accord,” ( the New York Times writer John M. Broder reports on the hopeful work being done after the conference, but also the immense complexities, difficulties and economic forces working against the major participants. A quote from Figures summed up, what I would consider the insurmountable task of creating this framework, despite hopefulness for cooperation.

“This is so large, so complex and so important that it cannot be entrusted to one single process,” Ms. Figueres said. “It must be attacked from multiple points. Everyone must be engaged. We are looking at nothing less than an energy and industrial revolution the likes of which we have never seen.”

This points directly at the diverse stakeholders (within increasingly diverse political, social and economic situations within the participating 194 countries!) and issues surrounding this task, even bringing into the conclusion of the article, the difficulty of working within the UN format to achieve such work. So really, how hopeful is the outlook? Can the current economic situation of the world also deter real market reform and new measures to be successful in the coming months? I suppose only time will tell, but for now I suppose the only thing we can remain hopeful for is the determination of the powerful players. Like Figures states, “I actually think Durban will be proven by history to be the most encompassing and farthest reaching agreements that any climate conference has ever reached.”


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