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Individual Action in A Consumer Society

The question of whether individual action, such as planting a tree can save the world, is one which can still be approached even in the midst of increasing partisan biases towards the term “environmentalism.” Therefore, can we as individuals still contribute to reducing climate change with simple, non political actions as planting a tree?? In the article “Individualization: Plant a Tree, Buy a Bike, Save the world, the author Michael F. Maniates attempts to analyze this question in regards to individuals increasing “green” consumeristic trends of this century, and makes many interesting points. “Think Green”? Ultimately, products like these advertize their “eco-friendliness” more than they actually contribute to the idea. He argues that there is a disconnect between personal acknowledgement of the fact that we as individuals (and therefore consumers) literally “buy” … Read entire article »

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The lies of children’s books and movies?

As an environmental studies major, I would love to think that by planting more trees we could indeed save the world. The possibility that something that easy and relatively inexpensive could stop global climate change and the associated impacts, is inviting. Yet the truth of the matter is that our world cannot be saved by just planting a tree or riding a bike or using reusable water bottles. Every human through out the history of time has helped enhance climate change and miniscule changes by the current few generations is not enough to reverse the previous impacts. It seems it should be clear that build up over thousands of generations can’t be fixed by a only a few, yet majority of people, tend to be hesitant to even make small … Read entire article »

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Have you ever heard the story of the starfish?

Conservation always seems to cause conflict within individuals.  It is often hard to believe that one person doing one small action can make a difference in the world –especially for something as critical as climate change.  If you have ever heard the story of the starfish, you might be a bit more optimistic when it comes to conservation… The story begins with an old man walking along a beach.  A young boy watches the man as he picks up a starfish off the sand and gently throws it back into the water.  The boy watches for a while and sees the man saving starfish by starfish.  The boy finally walks up to the old man and asks him why he is bothering to throw them back.  The beach is covered in … Read entire article »

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