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CAN Updates-Day 3

Each day at 12:30, a group called Climate Action Network International (or CAN) holds press (and public) briefings on the state of the negotiations. Here are a few of their highlights: Going into COP17, there are “big political problems that need to be resolved.” (Georgiana Woods, CAN Australia) These are mostly technical issues about how the negotiations will work and how to proceed with this COP. Unfortunately, it may be that the delegations cannot quite do this. Rather, next week, once many of the political leaders join the conference, they will be able to decide what is realistic for the negotiations, and how to move forward. According to Woods, “This meeting is a turning point for negotiations. We’ve gone as far down the road of deferring action as we can.” This is … Read entire article »

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Stand Aside (and Don’t Deliver)

We spoke informally with a Norwegian delegate who suggested that if the United States doesn’t plan on agreeing to anything big, they should at least stand aside and stop blocking agreements from happening. Interesting idea. … Read entire article »

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Durban: Where Global Meets Local

Durban: Where Global Meets Local

Claire Tighe ’13 Durban, South Africa is the host for the 2011 UNFCCC 17th Conference of the Parties. As a large urban center and coastal city, has Durban taken any actions towards mitigation or adaptation to climate change? Debra Roberts addresses this question in her report, “Thinking globally, acting locally – institutionalizing climate change at the local government level in Durban, South Africa.” As of late, “reasonable progress has been made in Durban in mainstreaming climate change … Read entire article »

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Why America hasn’t been “Aspirational”

Why America hasn’t been “Aspirational”

By Timothy Damon ’12 Why hasn’t America set a dramatic GHG reduction target as a sign to the rest of the world that it “means business” on climate change? Certainly our friends in the European Union – who have taken some ambitious stances of their own – would appreciate such a move, and countries like China actually expect this before they are likely to lift a finger themselves. So, if it could do so much good … Read entire article »

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