Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Classics Hired

Great news, Bart Huelsenbeck will join the DCC project as Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Classics at Dickinson for the 2012-13 academic year. He will teach two courses during the year, work on his own research projects (a large-scale investigation into manuscripts copied at ninth-century Corbie, a French scriptorium responsible for the preservation of a wealth of classical Latin texts), and contribute to the Dickinson Commentaries Project. 

We are grateful to the College for making this exciting position possible. Bart holds the PhD from Duke University (2009), and brings a wide and deep set of skills to the job. He has taught for thirteen years in many contexts, from high school and junior high schools (inner city and suburban) to graduate level Latin courses at Cornell. His recent course “A History of Reading” at Cornell addressed, among other things, the question of what digital technologies are doing to us–to how we read, behave, and think.

As a longtime contributor to the Center for Hellenic Studies Homer & the Papyri database, a significant component of the Homer Multitext, Bart has worked for years to connect classical antiquity to the present revolution in digital technologies. We are delighted that Bart will be joining us, and look forward to the substantial contribution he will make in shaping the future direction of the project.


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