Summer Plans

Summer 2012 will be our most active yet. Under the overall direction of Chris Francese, four Dickinson students and recently graduated alumni will be on hand for eight weeks: Alice Ettling (’12), Derek Frymark (’12), Meredith Wilson (’13) and Jimmy Martin (’13). Dickinson Adjunct Faculty member Joanne Miller will also be helping with the editing. The primary tasks will be:

  • the organization of the core vocabulary list into categories based on frequency, morphology, and meaning, to make them easier for students to use.
  • the creation of the Ovid, Amores 1 site on the basis of William Turpin’s excellent notes and introduction
  • the putting of some finishing touches on the Caesar and Sulpicius Severus sites.
  • the preparation of a print version of the Caesar site

Meanwhile, Bart Huelsenbeck, Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Classics, with arrive in Carlisle in July with his family. Bart will spend the next academic year working on the DCC, teaching two courses, and working on his own exciting projects centered around the scribes at monastery of Corbie, the renowned French scriptorium responsible for the preservation of a wealth of classical Latin texts.


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