Summer 2012 accomplishments

We had a productive summer at DCC, thanks largely to the four wonderful Dickinson students who worked for eight weeks on the project. Here’s a roundup from Alice Ettling (’12) about her accomplishments.

Along with the rest of the group she started out the summer editing the various Latin and Greek vocabulary lists. The Core Greek and Latin lists are now sliced and diced various ways: alphabetically, by parts of speech, by tiered frequency, and by semantic groups.  Alice worked particularly on the Latin semantic grouping list and on organizing the Latin and Greek morphology lists.

With the rest of the crew she read Ovid, Amores 1, to prepare for the compilation of its vocabulary lists. She put together PDFs of all the core vocabulary lists, and kept these updated during the last minute editing process.

As the Amores 1 commentary developed, she checked the Allen and Greenough references already in Prof. Turpin’s commentary and added a few more. She read through a small portion of the Pro Caelio to create vocabulary lists for Prof. Reedy’s Latin 111 course in the fall. She put the Amores introduction online, and finally returned to the Greek list. Once that was done, she refined most of the vocabulary lists in Book 6 of Caesar and implemented some edits I made to the Amores commentary.
Alice is also the one who put together the map animations for Caesar, which have gotten so much positive attention. Thanks, Alice, for all your great contributions to the project, and good luck in all your future endeavors!

–Chris Francese

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